Benefits & Testimonials

What are the benefits of Mediation?

FINANCIAL - Mediation can save businesses and organisations thousands of pounds by settling disputes before they reach the stage of litigation or employment tribunals.

TIME - Mediation can be arranged and carried out in a very short space of time- often within a couple of weeks. It does not use up disproportionate amounts of management time, and avoids potentially demotivating lengthy periods waiting for an outcome while matters escalate out of all proportion.

ORGANISATIONAL - Because mediation uses a co-operative approach rather than an adversarial one it can help to improve the ethos within organisations, leading to a happier, more motivated workforce. It can also save organisations from having to go to court with the resultant risk of bad publicity and a tarnished reputation.

STAFF - A more positive working environment can result in less time lost through sick leave, and lower staff turnover, thus keeping good people with their experience and expertise within an organisation and ultimately saving on recruitment and training and induction costs. 

PERSONAL - For those who go through the mediation process it is a learning experience, which helps to build skills to resolve any future disputes far more


From Mediation Evaluations:

"(The meeting) was a lot calmer and more honest than I thought it would be, which is a good thing as I think this helped the mediation progress in a positive manner."


"Thank you for your help during this difficult process. Your team did a great job."


"I would recommend it. Mediation is a difficult process to go through, but I am glad this took place and would recommend it as a way of taking positive steps forward."


"It is a good way to have an honest and challenging discussion in a controlled environment, where everybody gets a chance to speak and share their views."


"(Mediation) is an essential tool in the workplace to help people work together even when perhaps they do not fully agree with each other."


"I felt respected by the mediators and the other party showed respect as well."


"Just very impressed!"


"We were very satisfied with the competence of the mediators. They did a great job."


"Very worthwhile exercise and outcome."