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The University of Aberdeen is positive about mediation as a way of resolving disputes  at an early stage.


An Internal Mediation Team with representatives from the different  staff categories has been operating within the University for a number of years.


During the summer of 2012 we decided to increase the number of mediators in our team and we recruited an additional 20 members of staff for training in mediation.


We were very fortunate that Linda Paterson and Aileen Riddell of the Mediation Partnership were able to provide an intensive Accredited training programme with the option of a final assessment for those individuals who were keen to work towards Registration with the Scottish Mediation Network.


The training was excellent, as evidenced by the evaluation from participants.


Our Internal Team are now competent and confident to tackle workplace mediation. The Mediation Partnership also provide the CPD for our Internal Mediation Team which has included Mediation with Groups and also Mediating with High Conflict Individuals.


I am very happy to recommend Linda and Aileen and the Mediation Partnership and would be happy to provide any additional information which may be required. They have a great deal of experience in mediation  and have excellent mediation and training skills.


Joy Wootten - Deputy Director of HR (Staff Development) - University of Aberdeen


"I have been on many mediation training courses over the years, but was especially impressed with The Mediation Partnership.  Previous training felt like learning the highway code and having a 'go' in a simulator, whereas with Linda and Aileen it was like getting to drive the caar with two very able and encouraging instructors on board to make it a safe and enjoyable experience."



Lili Hunter, Lili Hunter Consulting Ltd


From Training Evaluations:


"Best training event I have ever been to.  Excellent guidance. Great fun."


"Really useful – lots of interaction & allowed us to use practical examples."


"A first class interactive seminar. Well worth attending."


"The workshop was very informative & made you think about how you would deal with various situations you may be in at home/personal or work."


"Really useful in that I can see ways of using it in my work and also understanding conflicts that I am personally involved in."


"I now feel more able to sit down and tackle some long-standing issues within my department"


"Informative, fun, non-pressured, educational and effective"


"This was a really interesting day delivered by someone with practical experience of the subject!"


"Very good course, relaxed and ensuring all participated – Excellent!"


"Very useful: It has helped me to think of different ways to manage & approach conflict & increased my confidence in my ability to do this successfully"